• Facebook Vs Google

    So, we may see this suddenly move to a worse state of efficiently as - much like any Facebook feature that is announced - people will be very keen to get their, "name@facebook.com" [example] email address and tell the world about this. But, with other parts of the puzzle building up, such as their connection with Microsoft and Docs.Com, it seems like this new email service to really close the loop for on-line office-based support.  You may be aware that Facebook is supposedly launching an email service this year and people are getting very excited about it. Would you switch from Gmail/Hotmail or Yahoo Mail to to an @facebook.com email? The biggest shift that such a service would create is some form document integration and working levels. Yes, we all yawn as we are now talking about work but as BBC News suggested, platforms like Facebook contribute to around 233 million hours being lost due to people posting updates on their profiles and other activities. 
    FB V GoogleDocs.com, if you haven't already used this, works by you signing in using your Facebook ID, either at Docs.com or you can use the official Facebook app. From here you can create or upload new Word, Excel, or Powerpoint documents and of course view documents that your Facebook friends have created. The Google Vs Facebook battle is growing. Look out, Google, Facebook have a lot of friends.