• Fireworks and Bonfire Night

    UPDATE: Guy Fawkes Night virus blamed for Facebook spam 
    During the weekend of the 5th of November we all get into the spirit of winter. It starts with Bonfire Night (or more commonly known as Guy Fawkes Night) and all that comes with it - this could be anything from the odd few sparklers to a huge fire at the local park. Guy Fawkes Night stems from the famous Gunpowder Plot back in 1605. This plot, (which Guy Fawkes himself was a part of along with a bunch of provincial English Catholics) was a failed attempt to assassinate the Protestant King James I of England and VI of Scotland and put in place a Catholic head of state (source). 

    The Creative SEO monsters found that Glasgow has the largest search volume around this time of year (source), which is interesting to note! When you type in, "Guy Fawkes" in Google.com you get a great example of Universal Search with images being very prominent and drawing your eyes. News is also big around this term but the content of these news articles are not well created for SEO. World famous hacker group Anonymous created a video talking about their planned Fawkes Virus and what their political motivations are. See the video below: