• Yandex on the Russian rise

    Yandex, the Russian search engine is on the rise in its home country. Russian search engines like Yandex and Russian sites are growing as a result of a quick expansion of the Russian-speaking web.To put the size of the place in context Russia is easily the largest country in the world at 17,078,000 sq km and China is the third largest at 9,579,000 sq km. This uplift could also be credited to the demographic usage of the online population. In Russia alone, 97% of internet penetrating comes from the 18-24 age range with 93% of 25-34 year olds also getting on-line. But what do they use? You may be surprised to learn that Facebook.com is only the 4th biggest platform in this county and the biggest is vkontakte.ru which is the Russian Facebook from Zuckerberg’s stable – so not all bad for mighty Marky Z [Zee]. Interesting to see is that Mail.ru’s MyWorld (Russia’s own social networking facility) is ahead of Facebook by more than 10 million users. [Source]