• Happy Holidays, from the Creative SEO team - Here is to 2011

    As we end another year, the Creative SEO team say, "thank you" to you all for your support. The blog is getting more and more popular thanks to the feedback of you guys. 2011 is almost here and there is talk of how the Creative SEO and digital visibility approach can be expanded to keep at the forefront of strategic thinking. It has now been used in many areas and we are happy to see this so widely adopted.

    Now, we have faced many global issues in 2010 it seems right to reflect on these in video format. These include; the floods in Pakistan, the European debt problems and medical news with the first face transplantLucky for us all, Google created this insightful video that shows the issues that have been thrown to us. It is vital to be humbled at times, so please watch the video and take it all on board.