• Do Nothing This Sunday...Or Try and Do Nothing for Two Minutes

    For most countries, Sunday is a day of rest. So, in honour of this day, the team looked at what you could do, today. But the surprise suggestion from all the team was to do...Nothing!

    That started a discussion about if we could do, "nothing" for any amount of time. In the busy world we live in, is this even possible? A new website, from Alex Tew and developer Ben Dowling are suggesting we do nothing (or try and do nothing), for two minutes. The site, called, Do Nothing for 2 Minutes is set up so you have to keep still, don't move the mouse and, do nothing for two minutes.

    You may know of work by Alex Tew as he was the person who created the Million Dollar Website. The site made him $1,037,100, with users having to buy each pixel - that they needed for their banner add - for $1.00. His other sites (that have not been quite so well adopted) are:

    Pixelotto – A lottery site
    PopJam – Think Chat Roulette
    SockandAwe – Users are able to throw a shoe at George W. Bush
    OneMillionPeople – A virtual book where users upload a picture of themselves to be in the book, for free (Alex intends to sell the final book for $100 per copy)

    At the latest attempt, when a member of James Kinloch’s team completed the two minutes of nothingness, she got a, “well done” message. What is good to see is that over 41, 300 people “Liked” the site. Perhaps we have a growing number of people who are looking to break away and “do nothing” for (at least) two minutes. So, as it is a Sunday, sit back and do nothing then rest afterwards!

     Twitter Quote: [dottianne] “I'm trying to do nothing for 2 minutes but I keep getting interrupted by twitter and msn updates!

     Twitter Quote: [AmberLWalker] “There is something very satisfying about exercising on a Sunday... I feel more ALIVE. Monday you can be my new rest day.”

     Twitter Quote: [ojerojer] “Let's forget everything and get some sleep. have a flirty Sunday people!

    And Just a Note: Panama has many people work ½ days on Saturday. Libya has Fridays off, with Baharain, Algeria, Oman, Qatar and Yemen having Thursday and Friday off. 

    Zzz - zzz - zzz