• Facebook Obsession? Part 3 - Facebook Drugs!

    Happy Weekend to all of our readers! Part 3 of the "Facebook Obsession?" is simply about what we like, on Facebook. In 2010 we liked many things but the largest amount of these went to celebrities, with Lady Gaga getting 24.7 million likes. The big shock is that likes for, "drugs" are up a whooping 1131.9%, this year. Some users are creating groups to encourage people to choose illegal drugs over family affection. A page, created on Facebook, called, "Fuck Hugs - Kids Need Drugs" says that kids prefer drugs over hugs and that this is the way forward. 

    In the description section of the page it says, "Hugs lead to ailments such as awkwardness (more common in same-sex hugging), nose bumping (dangerous at high speeds), looking like a sissy, and getting your wallet jacked (more common when hugging bums)."

    You can email the owner of the page, here, and express your feedback. 

    Twitter Quote: [A. Glendale] "Facebook and Twitter are addictive. Wait!! Scrap that and let's just say social networking is like a drug these days :)"

    Twitter Quote: [gemma050796] "erugh!!!! why ain't facebook working im so annoyed i need it, it's my drug."

    And Just a Note: It is key to know that illegal drugs are illegal for a reason. They can cause all manor of side effects and family issues. Like anything, know the facts about something before you try it. Sites like, Talk To Frank (and videos like this , inspired by Talk To Frankare great at offering informal advice on drugs and what they do. Perhaps the creator of the drugs Facebook page should speak with FrankSee the other sections, below: