• Facebook Obsession? Part 4 - Facebook Photos!

    This popular, fun series is called Facebook Obsessions and shows that what we do on Facebook leans toward the obsessed. We have looked at LoveWake-upDrugs and how these elements are played out on the popular social network . Part 4 is about photos what we do with them on Facebook. As per the other 3 parts in this series we show the great info-graphic by SocialHype, in partnership with OnlineSchools. This one shows that, during New Year's weekend, we've uploaded 750 million photos to Facebook. This is a vast amount of data that the Facebook platform has to support, so huge appreciation to the tech guys who run the Facebook servers. It is a record in its own right and perhaps the clear user interface, neat features like "Drag and Drop" and that you can upload high resolution images all play a part in getting this record. 

    Bigamist Caught out from Facebook Photos!
    But for some, it is not a great thing. One man, who turned out to be a bigamist, was caught out by his wife after she found wedding pictures of her husband, with a different women. When the wife confronted the husband, he confessed that during a trip away he had married his former girlfriend, in Hong Kong

    Twitter Quote: [KarynTW_1D] "Lying to your boyfriend/girlfriend about going to mass and then getting caught when they see the priest's photos on Facebook."

    Twitter Quote: [NoCompliments4U] "Caught her cheating with a facebook friend..."

    And Just a NoteThe New York Times has been very aware of this problem and has suggested 3 key areas that every user should look at when they are setting up their profile. So, before you do anything else, have a look at check to see if you are set up in the right way. Just be a good person or you could end up on the news , for the wrong reasons. 

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