• Facebook Obsession? Part 5 - Facebook Chat and Masturbation!

    The final part in this popular series is about Facebook chat. This section is a very quick and easy one. It is about the great info graphic by Social Hype and Online Schools. Simply put, 57% of us talk to people on-line. This is much more than we do in real life. It provides a moment when you see how much impact the internet has had over the short time it has been around. Oh, and remember the "Twitter Quote" section [below] is made up by the Twitter world and not by us... Especially the first one!...Read on, as it seems that we can be quite x-rated when talking on-line. Makes you think when 57% of people talk more on-line, than they do in real life! Two words...Web..Cam...

    Twitter Quote: [AndTheCrash] "Wishing you were awake and online to talk dirty to me."

    Twitter Quote: [CreepyHusband] “Skype makes it almost impossible to casually rub one out while chatting online.”

    Twitter Quote: [PrisKilla144] “it irritates me that my fb put me online for chat especially when I don't like chatting -_-

    Twitter Quote: [itsprollyakbari] “Your Stay home and eat all the chips kip! Napolean don't be jealous that I've been chatting online with hot chicks all day.”

    We hoped you enjoyed all five parts and if you've missed any, please see the links below for the others.