• Facebook User Faces Trial

    As reported in the Associated Press today, a TV reporter (from the West Bank village of Hussan) faces trial as he was tagged in a Facebook image that shamed the Palestinian president. He said that he faces trial for, "insulting a public figure, raising concerns about freedom of speech in the Western-backed Palestinian Authority."

    The accused, Mamdouh Hamamreh, said that last September he was held captive by security forces within hours after the image appeared on the social networking platform. Mamdouh, who works for pro-Hamas Al-Quds TV was tagged in a picture showed President Mahmoud Abbas (who is a strong rival to Hamas) stood next to an actor who is in a popular Syrian soap opera. His role is that of a spy, ironically.

    He was held for 50 days, in Palestine, and was released November, last year. It has been suggested that Abbas' security forces have been known to crawl social networks to catch people it feels are seen to cause disrespect.

    The reason we are reporting this is just to show a very recent example of how Facebook impacts every area of our lives. It covers such vast areas of the world and is thoroughly entrenched into society that even politics and state issues can be drawn–in.

     Twitter Quote: [mbfromhb] “MADA calls for immediate release of journalist Mamdouh Hamamreh – IFEX.”

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