• Happy New Year to You - Bad Start to the year for Iphone users!

    The first week of 2011 and Happy New Year to all our readers!

    Let’s start the New Year with a question; how many of you needed to be up on New Year’s Day? Wow, the Creative team can feel the shock at the sheer fact that we even asked the question! But for some of us who are not so lucky to be able to sleep in, alarm clocks are needed. 

    Phones make a great alarm clock and Steve Jobs is very proud of the Iphone 4 and its features, including the alarm clock. But, as reported by Sky News, some of the Iphone 4s had problems with, “non repeating alarms set for January 1 or 2” stated Natalie Harrison who is the Apple Spokesperson. That means of the 1.7m owners of this new device some would of woke up late on New Year’s Day and with some of these people trying their hardest to get out of the extra shift that they were put down for, this would be a tricky one to explain. After all, we are talking about New Years Eve, so it’s doubtful the boss will believe that you had an early night, because you were sick! Try this site next year, if so!

    Twitter Quote: [tiffcouchy] “No wonder I was late this morning.”