• How to Rob a Bank? "My wife wants me to rob a bank!"

    The team received an email the other day about recession and this made the team dig a little deeper into the global search habits, on-line. The Creative SEO team found that, “how to rob a bank?” is searched all over the world. Of course, this may be for other reasons than to actually rob a bank, but you never know. So we thought a quick post about this would break up your day. Here are the global hotspots for, “How to Rob a Bank?”:

    Top 4 Locations that search for, “How to Rob a Bank?”
    1. UK – England (100% of Searches coming from there)
    2. USA – New York, Texas and California
    3. Canada – Ontario
    4. India – Delhi
    On the social sphere, there are some very amusing posts, that people are putting out there. So instead of the usual one-quote from Twitter, we have placed three.

    Twitter Quote: [SB_MikeMay] “My wife wants me to rob a bank! She gave me a brochure for a vacation to TAHITI!
    Twitter Quote: [Bossladyt316"How to rob a bank: do not call ahead and ask "how much $$ is available?"
    Twitter Quote: [JadisDemon"How much money do you want??...I'll go rob a bank to get it!!"

    And Just a Note: The global economic crisis is considered to be the worst economic downturn since the Great Depressions, in the 1930’s

    ...And just a disclaimer: We here, at James Kinloch, do not endorse any illegal activity, of any sort. At worst, we would suggest to take more than you should, at an, “all-you-can-eat”, but that’s OK. After all, this person calls this process, “unauthorised takeout.”