• Monday Blues? You Are Not Alone...

    It is the start of the week and some of you may be felling the Monday Blues. This is where you just don't feel great about being at work on Monday. This is a global problem so do not feel alone when you heard the alarm go off this morning. Though, IPhone 4 users will have this feeling most mornings as their alarm clock does not work properly, as talked about by the Creative team in this post.

    What we thought we would do, is just give you some fun quotes from Twitter (and two from the Digital Spy Forum) about how the rest of the planet is feeling about Monday morning.

     Twitter Quote: [ned1984] "If you work in a Vodafone call centre I'd call in sick tomorrow cos you're going to have one very pissed off caller!"
     Twitter Quote: [dutchess88] "I'm too pissed off to go to work tomorrow, I won't call in sick, I'll call in angry.."
     Twitter Quote: [SnowBay] "I was once pictured in the local paper as a random who could win a meal for two. I was 14 & skiving school at the time. Caught!"
     Twitter Quote: [RickinNorthNJ] "So after waking up (alone which is no fun) i get ready for work & walk out the door.. Guess what i'm greeted with.Friggin snow. I HATE snow!"
     Twitter Quote: [RickinNorthNJ] "Arranged to do something with the Mrs today. Need to pull a sicky I think. Forgot the football was on!"

    A Man Called Redcoat on the Digital Spy Forum 
    "Best one I pulled was after I had left it too late to book leave at work. I got my mate in London to phone my work pretending to by my aunt saying that my gran had been taking into hospital and it was touch and goI deliberately got her to phone the office when I was on my break and got her to say she had tried my phone but it was switched off, we aren't supposed to have mobiles switched on in the office. It worked a treat, I come back from my break, manager takes me to one side and tells me the 'bad news'. I get the weekend off and go to Glasgow to see Blur."

    ...And one more from the same Forum, this time from a user called Hopdog (which is apt when you read their tale): "Several years ago i used to work the evening shift in a call centre but made the fatal mistake of meeting friends for lunch. the lunch turned into a liquid one and after 3 pints i decided i didn't want to wrk that evening. whilst in the taxi going to another pub i got my friend to call work and say that i wouldn't be in as we were on the way to the hospital as i had caught my "man part" in my zipper. she ended the call by screaming down the phone "oh my god we've got a gusher" and hung up. obviously no-one at work would dare ask to prove my injury."