• No More Monday Blues With the Best Deals, Online!

    So, to wrap up the day that started with the post called, "Monday Blues", the team here have decided to cheer people up. We will do this by using a website called, InvisbleHand.com, which has just updated its site at the end of last year to make it easier to use. This site is dedicated to helping you choose the best deals, on-line. So far, the site has found over £42,231,363 in savings and claims an average saving of £7.98It is a browser add-on that works on Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and SafariInvisibleHand gives you a notification at the top of the page if an item is cheaper elsewhere This bar works well and for a quick test for this post, the site said the following, "Save 25%! This item is £113.99 cheaper (£336.00) on Dixons.co.uk."
    Within the time it took to write this post the team could save over £100 pounds from just a random test. Not bad. It has received great reviews from the press and from a deeper look within the office it seems like this is the way to go.  The site is for America, UK and Germany and has plans to expand into other countries. Oh, and another check saved the team some money on Batman Begins (from LoveFilm) as it suggested a cheaper deal from Play.com...And, it was in HD!

     Twitter Quote: [DrPlumEU] "Just used InvisibleHand and found Sony VAIO EC EC1S1E/BJ core i5 Laptop for only £798.97!"
    And Just a Note: Experts predict that January 2011 sales with be up £360m this year with a possible total of £22.5bn. 

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    But, always shop with caution.