• Our World as a Social Network and Beer for Breakfast?

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    It's Sunday morning, so the team woke up early to think of a simple post that will allow you to have a think, over a cup of tea or plenty of блиныWhile you are doing that, think about what the world would like in the form of Social Media
    The team at xkcd.com have helped us all out by showing a stunning image of the world, as if made by Social Media. This piece of artwork is created based on the amount of Social activity on any given platform. 4Chan dominates the continent of, "Forums" with Skype (just at the south pole of the larger image) being the biggest county of Instant Messaging. Twitter gets the nod ahead of YouTube as it's a bigger county due to the daily activity on the microblogging site - both just next to the, "Sea of Opinions." 

    A great touch is how Farmville is located within the Facebook continent. Click this link and see if you can find the, “Bay of Drama” and the "[Justin] BIEBER BAY." So, enjoy your блины, pain au lait, Upma or whatever you may be eating and have a good Sunday. Hope the video helps, for you Tea lovers! '
       Twitter Quote: [not_CNN] "The beer I had for breakfast wasn't bad so I had one more for dessert."