• Social Media Quiz - Part 2 - Itchy, Naughty Fingers?

    It is now Thursday and today we have the, "Itchy, Naughty Fingers?" part of this three part series. So, as you may of seen in the first part, called "Name The Four Largest Social Networks" this created lots of funny emails to the team. Lets hope you guys enjoy part two even more. This one is about the amount we Tweet. But, not only how much we tweet but also when!

    Question: During a World Cup (2010) match, how many tweets (per-second) were there?

    Extra Point for: Naming what match it was?
    Extra Point for: Who won?
    Extra Point for: What part of the game this was this in? You can even suggest pre/post match too.

    Wait! Cover up the image and a guess before you click, here, for the answer (in large)!

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     Twitter Quote: [amyharrixs] “Too many tweets makes a twat!

    And Just a Note: Even Twitter faced problems with too many tweets. The site went down and on the landing page it said, "Too many tweets!