• The PlayStation 3 could start to get pirate games, in 2011

    Sony’s PlayStation 3 (or PS3) is one of the most advanced consoles that we have ever seen.  Some suggest that the PS3 could be more than twice as powerful as the Xbox 360, Microsoft’s offering to the gaming world. The console has been very robust against the hacking fraternity over the last 5 years - as it benefits from a super secret encryption system so that any of the great games (and other software) released must be approved by Sony. 

    With this, each piece of code needs what the Nerds call a cipher which helps the code pass encryption. But now, at the Chaos Communication Congress those little bitty, "cipher" codes are available to the world, and to you too.

    This suggests that pirated games - and any unsigned applications - can be created and seeded out to the world...And Sony can do nothing to fix this, nothing that wouldn’t mean a new hardware fix and huge cost to the owners of a PS3.  To conclude, what happened to the simple movie a few years ago; which made it possible to get high quality (pirated) movies, is also happening to games! 2011 could be the year that makes the gamer very happy, but the Sony shareholder very unhappy

    The Creative team would like to ask; would you download a pirated game for the PS3?