• Social Media Quiz - Part 1 - Name The 4 Largest Social Networks?

    As we get to the middle of the week we thought we would do a fun quiz on social media. We will ask very simple questions that you can test yourself (and annoy others) with. It is easy to cheat so use this wisely and it will enable you to test your friends and family. There will be three parts that will take you into the weekend.

    The first part is about the size of social networks and how big they are. Each post will have a small image that you can see and when you click this link (or the one below), it will go to a large version that will show the answers. So, have a think, around the desk at work – or wherever you are – and have a guess! Thanks to Online Schools for this great image and all the great work that they put out. 

    Question: What are the top 4 largest social networks?

    Extra Point for: Getting within 100 million of each.
    Extra Point for: Naming them in order of size.
    Extra Point for: Naming the year they were launched.

    Wait! Have a guess before you click, here, for the answer!

    Part 1 - Social Network Quiz – How big are you? (You are on this one)
    Part 2 - Social Network Quiz – Itchy, Naughty Fingers? 
    Part 3 - Social Network Quiz – Social Out of the Womb? 

     Twitter Quote: [easysecured] “Cyber crimes via social networks on the rise.”

     Twitter Quote: [easysecured] “Social networks encourage the rise of cyber-psycho's.”

    And Just a Note: It is good to question the social impact that these platforms are having. This video  is a good (though from 2010) guide - and easy way - to watch a snap shot of the social sphere.