• Social Media Quiz - Part 3 - What year was the first social network?

    It is now the weekend and the team would like to say sorry for the delay in getting the third part of the Social Media Quiz. Part one was about what are the four biggest social networks. It was a good way to use some spare time in the office and the Creative SEO guys received many emails about how how they didn't expect the top four social networks to be in that order!  Now, this final part, is about the first wave of social networks and when the birth of these started. Lets move onto the question:

    Question: What year was the first digital social network brought to the world?

    Extra Point for: Naming what the site was called?
    Extra Point for: What was this site for?

    Wait! Cover up the image and a guess before you click, here, for the answer (in large)!

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     Twitter Quote: [novocastrainrob] “Geocities is a blast from the past!

    And Just a Note: The first ever social network (you have to click the link above for the answer on this) was loved by many people. It provided a great service with some people  suggesting that the famous singer Katy Perry caused the site to close.