• Did You Party To Much This Weekend? Oscar Hangover? Read This!

    Here at James Kinloch.com we never engage in tweeting, facebook and blogging during the late night or when we are inebriated. Just in case you do, Webroot has introduced “The Social Media Sobriety Test” software to “Protect you from all possible [social media] threats, including yourself”! The person in the image below, really should of used this!

    The Social Media Sobriety test makes sure the software protects you from possibly adding incriminating status requests but isn’t that limiting the whole point of user experience and great thought sharing that is social media! A huge thanks to Dom, in the office, for this post. You can find him on Linkedin, here, or Twitter, here. Dom is a very cool guy and his ideas on social media are always welcomed, with open arms.

     Twitter Quote: [ComedianClincC] "I got a drunken text message from 4 different women asking me about sex.......damn shame man that's what I am to women a good time."

    It is best to think twice before sending any message as it can all back fire. Even news channels have reported on drunken messages - or "drunk dialling" as it is called in the USA. Listen to these guys featured on a report  on CBS news. Old video, but it is worth a watch as it talks about how some countries are dealing with this.