• Social Romance Is Dead

    Though this time of year is getting more and more commercial, it does still pull people into the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Some get excited  and some even get a little angry (see Facebook Quotes below). Some, like YourTango provide 6 point check list on what steps you should do to, “Break up with your ex.”

    This page was founded in 2008 and the “Wall” is very well run with reaction provoking questions, via the status updates. They also have a tab called, “Experts” where the content gets rather “salesy” which became a little off-putting for the team. However, it seems to get people very excited and pro-active about severing all ties to an ex, during happy time. See this recent comment below:

    I did it and he felt soo angry with me about that... he goes to twitter to write that I am a crazy woman but no... I don´t think so. I would be a crazy woman only if I don't delete that loser from my life!! 8 months had past. Now, I am free to recieve a new love. =)

     Twitter Quote: [idillionaire] “Any guy who waits for Valentines day to treat his girl like a queen is failing 364 days a year.

     Twitter Quote: [TooMuchQuotes] “Valentines Day- A day to make singles feel bad about themselves cause they are never good enough to find someone special.

     Twitter Quote: [callietinnea] “Whoever thought beer and taco bell was a bad valentines day gift obviously never met my boyfriend.

     Facebook Quote: [Anonymous] “Paul 's girlfriend came home from work crying yesterday and asked me to console her. So I hit her over the head with my PLaystation.

     Facebook Quote: [Anonymous] “.......HEY, CUPID!!!!!!!! -------------> ┌∩┐(_)┌∩┐”