• Stop People Smoking - Turn Their Lighter Into A Lightbike!

    This is a simple and easy way to stop anyone from smoking, providing they have a Bic Lighter . All you need is two Bic Lighters and plenty of patience. Oddly, if you are a smoker this is the worst way to quit as it will need lots of steady hands and you will have to stay focused for about 30 minutes. There are also many cool, Lighter tricks  out there so if this is too much for you try some of them .

    So, go and get your hands on a Bic Lighter and start seeing if you can turn your friends/partners or family members lighter into a Lightbike. Now all you need to do is follow the step-by-step guide (below) and you are there. This is easy to follow, so a big thanks to the talents of these guys for the translation.

     Twitter Quote: [Rudges] "my friends dad caught us smoking a bong, his reply, can i have a go."

     Twitter Quote: [regiefismail] “I hate the smell of my hair so I'm quitting smoking tomorrow.”

     Twitter Quote: [Faraway_from] “Why can't I smoke in front of a church huh? Makin me hide round corners makin smoking look baard.”

    Good luck!