• Naughty Internet - Part 1 - USA Are Porn Kings! Well, 89% of it!

    The internet has provided an amazing array of ways we can be inspired. It has brought us information at our finger tips, sites like Wikipedia; social empowerment with platforms such as Facebook (to name a few); news sites like Sky and BBC and more besides. But it has also created other ways to spend those lonely nights and with that comes the world of XXX, the world of Porn. So, let’s enjoy this great info-graphic that will form a new, 4 part series for James Kinloch's team. This is part 1 which looks at some big numbers on how much porn is created and who watches it. So let us list some key statistics:

    1. The US produces 89% of all porn sites

    2. Every second that goes by, 30, 000 people are watching porn

    3. Every 30 minutes a new porn film is made, in the US

    4. Over 102, 434, 567 internet users watch porn (that’s over 40% of all internet users)

     Twitter Quote: [KdeuceK] “Whenever I flashback to that time my mum caught me watching porn, I just get embarrassed, even if it was years ago...”

     Twitter Quote: [judylafuego] “Just caught this girl Yamira watching porn in the computer lab. <----- my kinda girl lmaooo.”

     Twitter Quote: [savannahrs916] “i had a teacher in middle school who got caught watching porn in between class periods.”

    Part 1 - USA Are Porn Kings! Well 89% of it! (You are reading this one)
    Part 3 - Who Likes Porn? Coming soon...
    Part 4 - Porn, Love and Addiction! Coming soon...

    And Just a Note: Don't get caught  watching porn and James Kinloch does not condone porn in anyway. There is now a possibility to get .XXX extension for porn sites and some people say that this will create a virtual red-light district on the WWW. This is what is known as a Top Level Domain extension or TLD. The first proposal for this happened 7 years ago but ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) delayed its view. Recent news suggests it is on the way with final ICANN approval still pending. This  Facebook group offers some strong views on the subject, talking about the freedom of the internet.