• Naughty Internet - Part 2 - Money, Money and Porn!

    We hope you have enjoyed the other parts to this series called, “Naughty internet.” It is about pornography and how much reach it has. Part one is about who creates (and watches) all the pornography of the world, click here to find out who that is.
    This part is about money and how much this area of media is worth. We have another section of the great info graphic created by these guys and, like part one; we will list the key facts. Money, Money and Porn is all about the wealth in this industry and how much more valuable it is compared to well known brands.

    1. Online porn is worth (roughly) $13, 000, 000, 000
    2. It has bigger revenue than the top tech companies, combined (Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Apple, Netflix and EarthLink).

     Twitter Quote: [Durty_Munky] “100's of female porn stars are considering filing a lawsuit against#charliesheen for lost wages and hardship due to his sobriety...”

     Twitter Quote: [Datnoel] “Wonder if anyones thought of filming porn live in front of a paying audience in a stadium.”

     Twitter Quote: [ButtOven] “Pretty sure Porn webcams make more money since there is far less effort involved, but I've never worked in that field..”

    Part 2 - Money, Money and Porn! (You are reading this one)
    Part 3 - Who Likes Porn? Coming soon...
    Part 4 - Porn, Love and Addiction! Coming soon...

    And Just a Note: Though porn sites are not a place to look for music, art and other areas, it does exist and, for some, has a purpose. Porn stars themselves seem to love Twitter, as this article explains. A news channel  even dared to ask the question, "Would you turn down money from your porn star sister?"