• David Beckham and The Lack of Imagination?

    David Beckham's latest video, has a cameraman ask, Hey, David, do you think you can hit that trash can over there? … How about all three of them?” When hearing this, David Beckham puts down his - well placed - can of Pepsi. Then, out of nowhere, three balls roll onto shot and the star manages to get all three into each of the bins. Very impressive and just to clear up what is meant here "Very impressive" means well done to the CGI guys who created this fiction.

    The team here, at Creative SEO, does not hate the star for this, we more applaud the creative CGI skill it took. Most of the team in the office have all played football - some to a very high level - and most thought that could be fake. To do that on the street is hard, to do that on grass is very hard and to do that on the beach (without boots and these help...alot) is too tricky for words. So, this post is a call to arms for people who are looking to create "viral" videos to do so with more creativity. After all, does anyone remember the Ronaldinho video  ? Or the Ronaldo vide ? Well, they are the same video in everyday. Star > Kick > Ball > Then CGI > Take Over! > Upload to YouTube...Have a look and see what you think. After-all, as one user says on Pepsi's Facebook page , "u think Pepsi will post something fake here?? Dude! Grow up! Then again another one  did say, "Another reason why I think is true is.. Do you think Beckham will make it as fake?? If u are the star will you?"