• Google Social Or Social Google? Your Bonus Will Depend On It!

    Google is moving more and more into the world of social. It has had a list of failed attempts that have made a social Google a distant wish. It has now brought out Google +1 . Most of us will start seeing this in the next few months with the intention to make Google's search results more genuine, or more socially influenced. You will be able to see who, from your Google contacts has also "+1" that search result. 

    The interesting area of a social Google are banner ads. Will Google use these in banner ads in the future? Maybe only time will tell. In this video from Google Business they say, "You can +1 things you might not send an email or post an update about ." Subtle, but this really is all about Facebook when the narrator states, "...or post an update about." 

    You may be aware of Google Buzz and Google Wave. Google Wave looked nothing short of stunning when it was presented back in 2009 and it had some amazing features such as the "Playback feature for emails. This platform was not communicated in the right way. This was a huge error from a public relations point-of-view. Google decided to stop funding for this back in 2010. Google Social? Think of the slow sales when the Ipod came out, in 2001. It did have some great ideas that the Creative SEO team are sure will see light, again. 

    Google Buzz was another recent, well-known effort that failed. This failure is simple to explain, it failed as it told everyone what you are doing on Gmail. Google Social? Well, in some ways, perhaps too social! So now we have the +1...But...

    With this recent addition in mind, the Creative SEO team have decided to list some of Google's failed social attempts to get you thinking about if the latest addition will help give Google a social footprint of note. 

    Orkut - This is massive in Brasil (pronounced Or-koutch) yet the hard work by Orkut Buyukkoten never really got picked up anywhere outside South America. It was, in essence a huge failure by Google to launch a global social media platform. Google Social? No, but clinging on in Brasil. 

    Dodgeball - This platform for the socially connected world lasted all of 4 years. It died in 2009 and Dennis Crowley (who confounded this platform) went on to build the very well known Foursquare. So, even when the platform fails Google's staff leave and create something better elsewhere! Google Social? No.

    Jaiku - This site was bought by Google. The best way to look at this site is to think Twitter but with the ability to place in icons into a version of a Tweet. After seeing that this just will not take off and never compete with Twitter Google decide that it was best to free the code for this site into the world of open-source. Google Social? No.

     Twitter Quote: [Hannah Sung] “Why is Google so BAD at social everything?”
     Twitter Quote: [Hannah Sung] “I remember living in fear of accidentally clicking on "Buzz".”

    And Just a Note: Facebook's internal search is an area Google need to keep an eye on. With an average of 10, 000 new websites integrating with Facebook everyday, the Creative SEO team feel - that if they can secure a solid e-commerce following (outside of paid adverts) then Google will have to worry and hope that +1 really works.

    Google Social? Well, Larry Page sent out a company-wide memo suggesting that 25% of employees’ annual bonus will be connected to the success of Google Social strategy, in 2011.