• Women Vs Men Part 2 - Men Have Less Friends Than Women!

    Part 2 of this social media  review is about men and how they engage with the platforms we know and love. Forbes reported that women take up 62% of the sharing on Facebook and men have 8% less friends than women on the same platform. This may come as no surprise to men who take part in "sharking" on Facebook. 

    But it does not end there as this  Facebook group suggests. Well, this group are using social media to suggest what men do...when they are not on social media platforms. But the Creative SEO team thought it was a good find, so we placed it in for you men (and women) to see. We wonder how many women agree with that site’s  "Top 10 things men do when they are alone." We agree with 4 of them and we will not tell you which ones they are!

    So, as you can see, this list that is to the right is occupied with sites that may be less known to you. Part 1, of this 2 part series showed the women’s top 10 list is full of well known sites, like MySpace and Facebook. For men, 3 out of the top 5 are social platforms based in China and are much like that of Facebook and Twitter. 

    One find came along when a member of the Creative SEO team typed in "Men are perverts on Facebook" and a whole-host of Facebook groups dedicated to responding to this type search query, came up. So, we have placed in a quote from one of these pages for men to see and women to (perhaps) agree with:

     Facebook Quote: [Women against men on Facebook...] "You do know that women are as capable as men of being perverts right. But it's always men who get blamed. I've seen women lifting kilts and grabbing men's testicles and it's just laughed at. But if a man did it it would be perverted." 

    This site does seem to be very pro-active in finding out what men are causing problems on Facebook and we applaud anyone who is looking to support people who have been wronged. 

    Twitter seems to be a platform for women to ask men questions about their lifestyle choices, with this women  asking, "Do any of the men I follow of Twitter pluck or wax their eyebrows?"

    [To all the men reading this] Do you?