• The Apprentice Show - Back To The Dark Ages

    If you like digital and watch The Apprentice, like us, we can imagine that at times you are shouting at the TV/IPlayer. Episode 3 was no exception. The task was to buy 10 items for the Savoy Hotel in a day. The winner was the group that gathered the items for the best deals. The Creative SEO team became incensed whilst watching for a few simple reasons.

    1. The errors they made in the digital age

    One group took several hours to locate areas to buy the items and the other went shopping having not even located all ten. They got knee deep into paper maps, business directories and even started to get a pencil out. So, in respect of their analogue errors the Creative SEO team have seen how long it takes to plot suggestions on Google maps.

    2. They have a smartphone, so use it!

    We used a simple map app and searched for all the items to see where they lay. So, once we located all the items using the smartphone that a member of the Creative SEO team has (which is the same as the ones the candidates had), we checked how long it took us to do this...10 Minutes to locate (and plot) all items! During this time we downloaded 2 apps in this time that they should have used:

    A Tube Map app - They seem to just sit in traffic half the time, get out and use the tube...Its quicker! 

    A GPS app - This allows them to know where each member of the team is (they worried they would not make it back in time) and a map app (that allowed us ten minutes to plot all the shops that would sell the items they were looking for.

    This really is just a short note for the Creative SEO's global connections to not judge UK business acumen from watching this episode. Below are some great quotes for you to watch, read and listen to:

     Bad English - Listen carefully
     You don't say - Really, a third of the day in you should know this
     A great reaction to not getting what she wanted

     Twitter Quote: [LoobysBadMan] "I'm watching the apprentice - they are all XXXXXXX idiots. All of them. Massive XXXXXXX in fact."
     Twitter Quote: [abbyvictoria_x] “Watching the apprentice makes me think how the hell did these people get on the show #idiots.
     Twitter Quote: [MrAndrewBerry] “The Apprentice should be re-named 'Britain's Most Retarded Businesspeople'.”