• Facebook Obsession? Part 1 - Facebook Love!

    Facebook is growing at an alarming rate. What we do and the level to which we do it is even more alarming. We use it in amazing ways and it really has brought communication (and sharing), to the world. SocialHype, in partnership with OnlineSchools, have built a great info-graphic about our potential obsession with this platform. So, as part of a 5-part series, we will look at:

    1. Facebook Love
    2. Facebook Wakeup
    3. Facebook Search
    4. Facebook Photos
    5. Facebook Chat

    For each of these we will give you a slice of the info-graphic for you to see. Part 1 is about, "Facebook Love" and this is a timely place to start as - for some countries - Valentines Day is coming around next month. 

    Twitter Quote: [ThunderMatch] "Are you a Facebook junkie? I think I am..."

    And Just a NoteFacebook obsession can strike at any time, so be aware. CNN Health, in 2009, places up an article called, "Five clues that you are addicted to Facebook" and this is a good place to start to check you Facebook health!