• Good Apps and Social Connections

    The use of apps and the growth of apps provides a new way for us to get what we want and have it there at the touch of a button. But what are good apps? What are the top 5 paid apps? And most of all, what do we do with apps and how do you make them popular?  Many people think that they have found the right way to get their apps out there. The Creative SEO team watched a video from this channel Though the content is good it is too focused on one platform...Apple's App Store.  We wanted to find ways to promote good apps that is not constrained to just one platform and ways that show how platforms can work together. This site lists a few solid areas to think about when looking to promote a good app (It is geared toward the App Store but there are some solid general tips). 

    So, we decided to do a quick review to see which (of the top five Apple paid apps according to this newspaper
    have the highest demand through search engines and social too. The image here shows the ranking in three areas; by paid, by search and by social mention. It shows the rank from 1st - 5th for each app in each section. You see from the image that Facebook remains very constant until a large drop in the social sphere (with only a 4:1 ratio of positive Vs negative sentiment). This drop placed them 4/5 in the rankings for the best social sentiment.

    Padora Radio, Google Mobile App and Shazam remain quite level across the three areas. The big shift from its financial performance to its social sentiment was the good app called, "Movies By Flixster" which went from 5/5 in from a paid stance to number 1 in the world of social (13:1 ratio of positive Vs negative social sentiment).

    Just as some of the team were getting stressed as no clear correlation emerged, a member of the Creative SEO team noticed something vital. If you add up all the factors in terms of position the final list (image to the left and in the "By Paid, Search..." section) then look at the the "By Paid" list you can see a high level of correlation. Aside from Shazam and Movies By Flixster the level to which they matched was good to see. Now some of you will say that this is obvious - and perhaps we agree - the main thing here is that it shows that a vested interest in all touch-points learns toward a successful app. 

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