• Great Deals, One Day Deals, Real Deals and Facebook Deals!

    Last week Facebook launched Facebook Deals. It offers the chance for Facebook users to sign-up for the Deals updates by going to the landing page. It’s a simple idea but it may have a large impact for the top 5 deal sites that already dominate this area.  
    Each deal will have its very own page (making it easy to link to) which all users will be able to “Like” and share with people in their network. If the user decides to buy the deal they are able to use Facebook credits or just normal (old-school) cash. This is a simple way to purchase items on the Facebook platform. The Facebook Credits currency works out at $1.00 equal to around 10 Facebook Credits. This site is saying that this may compete with PayPal one day. For now, Facebook Credits is a simple way to buy items from Facebook games such as FarmVille

    Facebook Deals Vs Groupon? 

    So, Deals looks more to compete with Groupon and the simple layout for users will make the possibly more likely. A report in CNN suggests that this version differs as it is the very way that these deals are placed that makes them unique...It makes them social.

    With the normal digital coupon sites being just a cold way to get a coupon then use it, Facebook Deals allows the chance for users to really share and attack macro events to get the deals out there. A music festival for example will get huge coverage in Facebook News Feeds so by having coupons in there it makes it a hyper viral way to get the deal known to the masses. 

    Where will Facebook Deals Start? 

    Facebook is offering deals in San Francisco, Atlanta, Austin, Dallas and San Diego. "We hope to expand this test to other cities in the future," Emily White, Facebook's director. It is a big shift and perhaps this will change the coupon industry. Below is a great snippet from Smedio.com about the impact this may have:

    Groupon thrived because it targeted users’ preferences. I’d expect Facebook to go a step further and beat Groupon at its own game. After all, Facebook offers the massive advantage of serving as a primary portal through which friends and family members communicate. I have no doubt the social interaction model will impart a competitive edge to Facebook deals over its rivals.