• New Tagging Feature In Facebook & Facebook PR Vs Google PR

    Today we are going to give you a double update as two new areas have come to be in the last few days. Both are connected to Facebook . The first one will talk about a new feature in Facebook and the second part will contain a quick review of the omnipresent hatred between Google  and Facebook.

    New Feature in Facebook

    In Facebook you are always being tagged in images  - sometimes this makes you happy and sometimes this makes you mad. You can remove a tag which, for professional reasons, people are sometimes forced to do. Its a great feature and one that Ikea used very well in this  campaign. It was a great early example of allowing users to tag items in images that Ikea uploaded, if they did this the item became theirs for free. 

    The new feature expands on this and this will allow Facebook Pages to be tagged and not just people’s profiles. This opens up the chance for an amazing array of strategies and should be considered when setting up a campaign. Time will tell to see if this will be able to drive traffic or perhaps brand sentiment (much of this depends on execution). However, like with any new feature that appears in Facebook it must be used in the right way to avoid it coming across as spammy. In the comments on Facebook Pages it is having a mixed review. Some are being very welcoming toward this new Facebook feature, yet others are quite aware that this could create lots of spam.

     Facebook Quote: “Very bad idea. All this will do is increase the amount of viral spam that is already a huge problem.
     Facebook Quote: “Bad idea, more ways to spam!
     Facebook Quote: “Been waiting for this. thanks :)

    Facebook PR Vs Google

    Facebook appeared in the news this week for an attack on Google through its PR company Burson-Marsteller. The goal of this attack was to highlight Google’s privacy issues. This clumsy PR effort was revealed by the Web site The Daily Beast. It states Burson-Marsteller had reached out to US news outlets urging them to look into claims Google was invading privacy.

    The campaign targeted a Google tool called “Social Circle 
     ,” was blown up after a blogger rebuffed an offer from Burson-Marsteller and preferred to publicly post the emails communications from the PR agency.

    This post shows a detailed review of Google and how Facebook is showing that this is an area that people need to be more aware of. The Creative SEO team thinks this seems like a case of hypocrisy from Facebook?

     Twitter Quote: [LBmatt] "Facebook is making a PR 101 error: Lack of accountability. Discussing this with others, FB needs to learn from Tylenol & Toyota."

    And Just a Note: On a note of privacy and how Google shows you data in its search results we feel that you should take the time to watch this video from Ted Talks. It is presented by Eli Pariser, famous for “co-creating the Bush in 30 Seconds ad contest and raised over $30 million from small donors to run ads and back Democratic and progressive candidates.” [Source]