• Who Do I Look Like? Make Up Looks & The Lancôme App

    App growth is well documented with some saying that the growth and download of apps will surpass 50 billion by 2012 from about 7 billion in 2009. Many people are using this growth by creating apps that work with Facebook such as the latest offering from Lancôme.Their Facebook app allows you to watch a range of how to videos and get into the make-up world of Lancôme. The make-up looks you create can be rather shocking if you use the wrong type of model (like we did in the Creative SEO team). You can choose a photo from your computer or one from your Facebook photos to do your magic make-up looks with. This Facebook app  is not just to help you answer the question "how do I look?" but is part of the promotion for 10 eye makeup palettes. Once you have made yourself look stunning you are then able to be sent to the landing page for the particular colour palette you used. 

    The Good Points of This App

    It’s easy to install and has a very simple interface with a direct to go-to landing page when you have created your look. Once at the landing page the item is within your basket ready for purchase. 

    The Bad Points of This App.

    There are areas of this interface that are a little clunky and the types of new palettes should be grouped better. Not being make-up artists this next point may be a little flawed, that is the choice of palettes should grouped by event type. At the moment the ones you can choose to use on this app are named with titles such as "Midnight Rush " (which sounds more like a title from an Ian Brown  song than something connected with make-up looks). Whereas perhaps calling the palette "party look" , "first date make-up" etc would help place them in used state in the consumers mind.
    The landing page then feels somewhat disconnected to the campaign. Oddly, the color palette of this landing page matches neither the Facebook app nor the color palette of the makeup you have chosen. 

    It is good to see more integrated attempts to use social for e-commerce. DKNY  have leant from mistakes in the past (think PETA protest 2010) and after briefly not allowing users to post on the wall have opened it up and have created a way to engage users of the page. Apps and mobile apps will continue to grow and in honer of this explosion we have listed what Gartner thinks will be the top ten mobile apps of 2012.

    1. Money Transfer
    2. Location Based Services (LBS)
    3. Mobile Search
    4. Mobile Browsing
    5. Mobile Health Monitoring
    6. Mobile Payment
    7. Near Field Communication Devices
    8. Mobile Advertising
    9. Mobile Instant Messaging
    10. Mobile Music

    Have a look at the video links in this post, after all "You're worth it! "