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    Facebook seems to have reached a plateau in terms of its growth. We have all seen the rampant growth of this social network over the years but now it seems that this trend may slow. This report talks about how in April and May 2011 the social giant saw its membership uptake slow considerably. The report from Inside Facebook goes on to say that Zuckerberg's  [large] baby gained, "11.8 million new users in May, and 13.9 million in April — compared to a typical month in the last year when it grew by at least 20 million users."
    It is in little doubt that Facebook will carry on toward the billion user mark but, as the Creative SEO team see in the search world, the interest in Facebook has levelled for the mean time. You can see from this simple review through Google Trends that even search interest has started to level out.  

    The image to the left shows the level of interest in Facebook back in 2007. You can see it is mostly America at this time that are keen on searching for the start-up. 
    But then you can see that by the time we get to  2011 in has boomed to a global level, as you can see to the image to the right.

    Video Usage 

    If you are producing an advert you should look at the following details to make sure that, though you may wish the advert to work well in your ATL efforts, it should be created with the following details in mind:
    Though Facebook's growth has slowed - this by no means shows that it’s in trouble - and it ranks very well for online video usage. When looking at the top online video brands by unique viewers Facebook ranks 2nd...Above Vivo and even above Netflix. This report by Nielson got the Creative SEO team thinking. The general consensus was that beacuse video usage on Facebook is one of the highest in the top ten; it shows that assets need to be looked at in more detail for any ad campaign. 

    Time the user spends on a platform? 
    How long do people spend on a social network? This will impact how long they will dedicate to watching a video and in-turn how long and how much time you have to get their attention. 

    When they are on platform? 
    If the whole of your target market is online in the evening, perhaps you could consider the content of the video to be more risky.

    Who is on the platform?
    Check the above and cross reference it with demographics. You need to make sure that the creation of the video works well with the seeding.