• Fancy a Quickie? Want a Quickie? Or Maybe a Qwiki!

    Some of us have never been asked if we want a quickie. Some of us may not even know what this means (click here if you want the answer). But a new website called Qwiki may provide a new answer for all of us.

    Qwiki produces a high quality video experience for the user by summarising information into a simple format without the need for any human intervention. It holds a vast database of over 3 million articles that they use to serve up these vignettes of information. Its co-founders are entrepreneur Doug Imbruce and Louis Monier, founder of the AltaVista search engine.
    It is a great concept and one that seems to be very much in line with the famous Bing TV adverts that took a satirical swipe at Google. Bing achieved this by mocking the search process which (they suggested) leaves consumers lost in an algorithmic maze. If the Qwiki service can be placed onto mobile and within slates then it could start to gain real traction. 

    Next Steps for This Website?
    An app for this is something that many would download and would serve very well in the education sector.The related videos section is a triumph as this is a way that learning can really take hold. Should Google worry? Not yet, but it should keep a very strong eye on this platform.
    What the Creative SEO team have done for you is to list some fun introductions to what this site can do, choose from the list below to see how Qwiki works. Also, you may of noticed that most of the links in this article are links showing how this site works by linking to example results for that word that is linked.