• Social Media Quiz - Social Trends 2011

    One area that is missed by people working on Facebook for business reasons is when to post and how to write status updates that connect with a fan base. So, the Creative SEO team decided to use a recent announcement in the digital sphere to create a quick and simple social media quiz (thanks to our friends at kissmetrics).There are just three parts to this:

    Part 1 of this social media quiz is about what day is best to share on Facebook. So let’s get to the question: What is the best day to share on Facebook?> Answer

    Part 2 of this social media quiz is about when’s best to share on Facebook. So, you know the drill, let’s get to the question: When is the best time to share on Facebook? > Answer

    Part 3 of this social media quiz is about what is the optimal amount of posts per day. So, again, let’s get to the question: How many posts are best to put on Facebook to get the most amounts of likes? > Answer

    This is a fun post and one to help break-up the day but it does have a more vital implication. For any promotion going out every area of the promotion should be thought about. Too often the answer is the big idea and not enough attention is paid to the tactile areas. It’s these tactile areas that should feed up into the big idea. If you know that people are on Facebook during a certain time of the day then ask yourself the following three questions:

    1. Are there any events for that day that correlate to the promotion I am doing?
    2. How can I connect with these events either within my budget (in some form of sponsorship) or connect with these events in a guerrilla format?
    3. Can I use events to form digital event segmentation?

    By doing this you will then be able to connect with users’ at the most opportunistic moment. It will also allow you to provide value to the user rather than casting a wide net trying to catch people that may not want to perhaps connect with your brand, ergo annoy them!

    Barbie & Ken and Social Media
    When looking at the "how" to speak in social media, then Barbie leads the way. This campaign is a good example of using multiple social media platforms to gain attention.  Mattel launched a new campaign that lets fans decide if Barbie should take Ken back after Mattel famously split them up in 2004. Using Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook, the concept is well integrated. Check out Barbie's Facebook profile here.