• Sunburn From a PC?

    Before you read the post, click this link  as a sound track to the post... We now are on the way to getting a very hot summer and to protect from this some people  suggest we use sunscreen every day. This week many areas around the world are getting some serious rays. Due to that fact, we trawled the web to see what areas of the world suffer from sunburn and found some (digital) sunburn solutions . Oh, and no, you cannot get sunburn from your PC!

    Before this, we want to ask a very quick question as a quick-quiz is fun (see our popular social media quiz here):

    Question: [In order] What are the top 5 countries who search for the word "Sunburn" during 2010? Answer

    And a bonus question for those in the USA...

    Question: Name the top five states (in order) who search for "Sunburn" during 2010? Answer

     Twitter Quote: [lisa_iloveyouu] “Just got back from tescos bumped into niamha and lydia! GOD. I swere they stalk me I see them everywhere! Funny though theyresunburnt bad!”

    And Just a Note: Some people do not take sunburn seriously enough. Even some children  seemed to be getting sunburn during early parts of the year. Sunburn is easy to get so take every caution you can.