• Chris Rock - Women Hate Other Women? - When Driving!

    It must be made clear that men and women have their failings. Men (and this is being penned by a man) have more than their fair share. So for a bit of Monday fun we will look into errors from each gender. Today it will be about Women and how the digital world has pulled up so interesting information on the Venus of the species. 

    It has been noted by some it may be the case that Women seem to [sometimes and like men] not be best of friends with other women. In the Twitter world we are seeing similar sentiment with one Twitter user saying, “It's amazing how women hate on each other instead of uplifting one another... Where is the love?!” and another having a wider cultural stance, “Women can't live without men because women HATE other women.
    Now, we may have great reasons to think that this may work on a deeper level of dislike from a new study that has been realised. This report talks about how Michael Sivak of the University of Michigan's Transportation Research Institute said they (Sivak and his colleague Brandon Schoettle) wanted to see if there is a gender factor in road-traffic accidents.
    The Slow Decline of the Keyword "Sisterhood."

    Before we get to the findings we noted some search data of interest. It was a surprise to see that the word “Sisterhood” was a word that has been on the decline since 2008 in terms of Google search interest >

    The Steady Rise of the Keyword "Women Hate Women."
    Added to this is that the term “Women hate other Women” seems to be on the rise! This really is not showing a direct indication that Women hate Women more a fun way to look at how people search online >

    Women Drivers & Road Rage
    So, back to the findings. Sivak and his team examined (US) police reports of two-vehicle traffic accidents across the USA from 1988 through to 2007. They conducted a deep-dive on cases in which the drivers of both vehicles could "potentially" determine the sex of the driver in the other car moments before the crash. The "expected" percentage of accidents where both drivers were men should be around 36 percent and for Woman to run into another woman was expected to be less than 16 percent, because women drive less than men.
    The study showed that the percentage of accidents in which a woman sideswipes another female driver to her left came in at a whopping 52% of all cases. So, women may be more likely to crash into other Women than for them to crash into men. 

    What Does This mean?
    It could have a whole manor of implications. One is that through search you can often see a rise, decline or constant in what people search for. This does not mean that if people stop searching for a certain word it is the end of it. Far from it, what it does show is that the searched word can often be tied to offline trends. 

    And Just A Note: Comedian Chris Rock seems to use the wider view that women may not like each other in this video here. Any views in this post is no reflection of James-Kinloch.com and are not connected to that of the Creative SEO team.