• 28 Odd Facts For the Human Body Based on the Operation Game

    The Creative SEO team are inspired by this infographic by Jerry James Stone. It screams of Operation, the popular 1965 board game by Milton Bradley. This family game became very popular in the 1980’s with its very catchy theme tune helping drive sales. We used Google Insights to see if anywhere in the world still is interested in this board game (Interest being defined as who still searches for it). The game seems to inspire in the social world too with a Twitter user saying (KNBresee) “Guys guys I have an idea for a horror movie based on the board game operation.” And just so you know you can get a Simpsons version.

    28 Odd Facts About the Human Body
    Enjoy the infographic and learn great things about the human body. Like what year was the..:
    ...The first face transplant?
    ...First lung transplant?
    ...First hand transplant?
    See, we can all learn something new today that is not just about Twitter, Facebook or Google+.