• Facebook Skype Video Chat - A Quick Review For This New Feature

    Google+ and the focus around this latest Google social network have been immense. It has received widespread reviews with the majority being positive. In fact as it stands today the weight of positive to negative sentiment stands at 5:1. But if you thought that this sentiment was strong then the new feature from Facebook (at the time of this post) is coming in at 25:1. Google+ should worry? Read on...

    The Facebook Vs Google War is On!
    With what a member of the Creative SEO team called “digitally impeccable timing” Facebook have fired up their digital-missile-silos with this recent announcement. The clever timing of this is picked up in Twitter by one user saying, “One week after Google+ announces Hangouts.”

    Facebook will now combine Skype and their social platform into one. It means that the chat feature will be pushed up a whole-new-level. It is a big blow to the buzz that Google have been getting and from initial images that have been placed in this post it seems to look great.

    What Facebook Chat Will Do - What Google+ Should See
    On their blog they have placed in another emotionally fuelled video where Facebook users are saying “I love you” in a global-host of languages. This is a neat little nod to Facebook’s world-wide presence and even more when you see how they cast some people from expanding markets such as India, China and Brasil. We stated in this post reviewing the latest Google social network Google+ and how the promotional material tugged on the retro mindset of the 30+. Well, Facebook is doing no such thing and it seems hard to pin down what the age range is but it visually leans more toward the 30-.
    The feature will allow you to video-dial your friends through Facebook. It has a sidebar with “the people you message most” and will be ready for over 70 different languages.
    To get started with this click here. You will then be asked to download an .exe file. Install this and you are ready to start video chatting through Facebook...If the other person picks-up!

    Group Chat
    Facebook state: “We're also launching multi-person chat, which is one of our most requested features. Now when your friends can't figure out what movie to see, you can just add them to a chat and decide together. To include more friends in your conversation, simply select Add Friends to Chat.” This will really show the social power of this giant as it is a feature that – as they rightly say – is in demand and one that works very well in Skype. At this point it is not clear if this will work for fan pages, groups etc.

    What Makes the Facebook Chat Video Work Well?
    The use of many languages works great and is a tried and tested way to promote a global brand. Google+ (at this point) did not do this with the videos that support their Google social network. Accents are all American for the Google+ narration, no such thing for Facebook Video Chat. Even the feedback is in multiple languages which you can view here.

    Strategic Implications
    This really opens up a whole world for business and companies to use. No doubt the adult industry will use this for negative reasons. For the Creative SEO team we have listed what it can be used for, and this is an initial list as the service is not fully tested. (Below are some fun/serious takes on what this can be used for):

    Product Demos (If this works on a branded page)
    Allow brands to show new products to a selected audience.

    Off-site Inspections
    It may allow trades such as plumbing and electricians to remotely view an issue and gauge what is needed before heading to a job.

    Does this give Facebook dating a whole new way to connect before you go on that first date? Just remember what this post said about chatting online, this is a warning for the girls reading this post.

    Celebrity Endorsement
    This may open the Facebook platform up to a whole world of celebrity connections and endorsement.
    “If you win this competition you and your friends will be able to chat with X for 30 minutes!”

    Beta Trials (If this works on a branded page)
    When a product is in beta the social sphere are always keen to test new products. So, again this will help push a group and create a strong loyalty to the brand.

    These are just some thought starters. The battle of the new Google social network and Facebook will only get more interesting. Who do you think will win? Google want the 30+ and (it seems) that Facebook want the 30-, so which carry more dollar value to them? Use the contact page to email in your thoughts.