• LinkedIn For Students - An Introduction and Some Tips for Students

    In this post we talked about how to get people to engage with your LinkedIn profile. The point of the post was to try and make sure that not only do you drive traffic to your profile but you also make sure people read it with great, simple tips. Now the importance of LinkedIn reaches academics as there is now LinkedIn for students. This news, announced on the LinkedIn blog talks about how the growing social network for business is creating new features for keen and eager under-graduates.
    The theme of this new feature is understanding that students are not always in a place where working qualifications are relevant for their post university life.  There are 5 key areas for this feature, these are:

    Projects - How you connect seminar-based-learning to the working world.
    Honors & Awards - Did you make the Dean’s List or earn a merit-based scholarship?”
    Organizations - This section allows you to show your leadership skills through external events you were/are connected to.
    Test Scores - This allows you to flaunt your test scores.
    Courses - Gives you the chance to highlight your most relevant courses.

    How Do I Add Student Sections to My Profile on LinkedIn?
    To start doing this, go to your LinkedIn profile [edit mode]. Once you are there simply click the “Add sections” link which is under your profile summery.  You will then be able to choose what area you wish to add. 

    Top Tip: You are allowed to move the sections around to show your most favoured feature at the best position on your LinkedIn profile.
    Top Tip: Make sure that your profile gets viewed and read by reading this post about LinkedIn visibility.
    Extra Top Tip: These new sections allow you to put in what you feel is right. Consider keywords in all of these and use the approach in this post to make sure these new additions can add further traffic to your LinkedIn profile.