• LinkedIn - How to Get People to See and Read Your Profile

    LinkedIn, founded in 2002 for business minds has seen vast growth recently. In India alone there are now over 10 million users of this platform. It has opened up its door to Russian, Romanian and Turkish versions (in these areas there are more than 1.4 million profiles). During the last two years www.linked.com has grown past 100 million members. Because it is expanding so much there are many sites that talk about how to get your profile viewed – which is vital and the Creative SEO team knows this – but there are neat ways to make sure your profile is read. Read on...

    Get People to Engage with Your LinkedIn Profile
    Dustin Curtis conducted this neat little test where the sentence that got the best click-through-rate was the sentence that said, “You should follow me on Twitter here.” So, as a test why not try this and have the sentence say, “You should connect with me on LinkedIn here.” (It may be worth a try!)

    Selected Tweeting
    You will not always want to have your Tweets appear in this business social network. To ensure this, add the Twitter App here and go to your settings. You can then make sure that all you need to do is add the “#in” tag for them to appear in LinkedIn.

    Create Deeper Engagement With Clever Linking
    By using simple tools like BridgeURL you will be able to allow the user to see more than one page of your profile on LinkedIn. This means that through one link (in Twitter of perhaps your email signature with the call-to-action mentioned in the first tip) you are able to show the user more than one area of your LinkedIn profile – AND THIS EVEN INCLUDES YOUR LinkedIn PDF Profile. Try our example version here.

    Use LinkedIn Advanced Answers Search
    Found here, this is a great tool from LinkedIn that will allow you to get a fresh view on any given subject. This is worth doing as some of the details in your profile may need updating and your Tweets (if linked to your profile) will also need to seem in-line with the latest trends.

    Use Keywords for Your LinkedIn Profile
    Simply put you must know the keywords for your industry. What do people search for when looking for employees in your profession? What keywords do they use? This simple Google tool here (and video guide here) will help you decide what keywords to use and how to write your profile so more people see and engage with it.

    Use the 3 website Hyperlinks
    For online visibility value, LinkedIn works well. On your profile you will be able to add three hyperlinks to websites of your choice. Top Tip: Select “Other” and create your OWN keyword for the website link. Use the same keywords throughout the profile to help with visibility (See this tool in the previous tip to decide what this keyword should be).

    Optimise Your Job Title
    Include the similar keywords you have used in the URL and 3 site links too. Then when creating your job title ensure it’s written in the best way. Top Tip: Use the Google keyword tool to see what types of phrases people search for when looking for someone like you.

    Edit Your Profile For the Best Vanity URL
    This could be your name for example www.linkedin.com/in/CreativeSEO – the part in red is the part that you may be able to get visibility for in the search engines and also make it easy to remember if used on email signatures. And finally here are some facts from the LinkedIn Press Team to get you up-to-speed:

    Men seem to be better online networkers that women – Click here for the Press Release
    India now has over 10 million users of this business platform - Click here for the Press Release
    LinkedIn now is available in more languages - Click here for the Press Release