• NFC - Near Field Communications and Angry Birds

    Mobile phones are being used in ways that surprise us still in this Blade Runner future we live in. Now, this simple device is being used to make the wallet a redundant accessory for mobile-mankind. The mobile ended the practical need for a watch and now that trendy leather card holder will soon be next. This is down to the latest buzz surrounding NFC. Though this has been around since 2004, this year the interest has grown due to rumours from manufacturers around how they intend to use this technology. NFC Near Field Communications allows the transfer of data over small distances. Just by placing a NFC enabled smartphone next to an NFC reader and the transaction will be made. And, with rumours that HTC will be creating an NFC enabled phone later this year it is starting to get the interest we all expected.

    Who is Using HFC?
    There are many companies that are already using NFC but one stands out. Starbucks – In the last year they launched a pay method that allows users to make purchases by scanning a code of a product. To do this the user needs to down load the app. PayPal has recently stated that it will allow a peer-to-peer payment method for Android NFC devices. What this infographic shows is a few thought starters and the Creative SEO team have added in some extra for you to mull over. It could be used for:

    Airline Tickets
    Identity Payments
    Electronic Keys
    Subway Travel
    Home settings - The device can trigger the personal settings to be activated
    Event VJ’s – Allow users to have their image appear in the large display

    Angry Birds and NFC
    For Angry Birds fans, the creator of this popular game has suggested that the following NFC features may come to light [source]:

    “Integrating NFC tags into Angry Birds plush toys. The tags will be built into the toys behind the character's left eye. "We've already sold millions of these" [without NFC], said Wilson. Reading the tag with an NFC phone could unlock levels or deliver Facebook Credits.

    Integrating NFC tags into plush toy display bins, in-store promotional posters and Mighty Eagle toys. Here, says Wilson, NFC could be used to drive foot traffic to retailers that stock its merchandise. Players could gain in-game benefits or credits in return for checking-in at participating retailers by touching their NFC phone to in-store displays. Rovio has "a big Facebook game in the works and we're hoping to integrate NFC there," says Wilson. The company already has more than 2m Facebook fans. We also "hope to integrate NFC in our full version in the not too distant future," Wilson added.” 

    To keep abreast of NFC updates go to this site.