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    When we get to the weekend we always look for a nice breakfast to start the two days of relaxation. So, in honour of this (and another fun, simple take on the world of digital) we decided to look at what is trending on-line around this culinary activity and share some key statistics around this. But first, some top facts about Bacon, the most widely used food in breakfasts round the world.

    We Are Not Searching For Health!
    Using a very simple tool from Google we placed in "Breakfast" to see what Google Insights for Search brings up. For those that don't know Google Insights for Search is a tool that shows the patterns of what people search for and also shows the location these searches have risen from. From this we found some fun - and perhaps worrying - statistics that we are not so connected to the in-vogue world of healthy eatingHere is the list of the top words that have and the "%" means the rise in searches for a period of time - in this case over the last year.

    Golden Coral (who appear as one of the global top rising words people enter to search for 2011) - and for those that don't know - are another fast food chain. They seem to have a political agenda too as on their site they have a section called "Military Appreciation" that allows you to be part of a fund raising initiative for disabled military veterans.

    Fast Food is What We Want For Breakfast!
    Rising Searches for 2011 Related to "Breakfast" searches
    Sad to note that of all these top five biggest rising searches round the world for fast-food-chains are not terms like “healthy eating”, “salad bars” or at worst “Pret A Manger” because at least their food is a little healthy. No, the top ten rising searches - and by how much they have risen round the world are:

    We then looked at which countries are most responsible for this rise connected to Golden Corral and its military leanings. Top is: the US, then UK, thirds is ItalySouth Africa and fifth is Canada. So that’s that. The team can clearly see that for 2011 it is not as healthy as it seems (online at least) and that we seem to want that quick fix from a fast-food-chain. On a positive note we searched the digital world for some fun breakfast making tips and – like many searches – it leads to a video from YouTube...Enjoy!