• Black Friday Sale? Beware Black Friday Digital Scams!

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    Black Friday (for those that don't know) is an event in the US that falls on the Friday after the 4th Thursday in November. Also, it is the day after Thanksgiving Day so many people are in high spirits during this time. For the most part it is a Bank Holiday similar to that of what the United Kingdom celebrate, this too is a day-off where people relax but more often than not nursing a hangover and also sometimes call off sick the next day as they partied too hard.
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    Walmart are always keen to take advantage of this good will and hang-over-induced impulse buying by having a dedicated page for this. Added to this they are looking in good shape for Black Friday 2011 with their brand –according to this source – having its Facebook fan base rise by over 9% in the last month alone (ranking 6th in the US by Number of Facebook fans for brands). Not bad for a supermarket and given that they are only just behind 4th place NBA it is looking good for this coming Black Friday 2011. If you look at the data reported by techcrunch.com that states that you are looking at around 1 click per 1000 fans its fair to say that a well written post, at the right time would work well to drive traffic to their dedicated landing page.

    A digital point of concern is the banner for Walmart that sits on their homepage. The creative treatment for this looses the eye with its layout. Though the whole banner is clickable the angle and layout seems to go against best practice for banner design

    But be warned! Black Friday scams!
    Just as a warning for you all we decided to wrap this post up with an Infographic by Veravcode and Nowsourcing.com (click the image to enlarge and find the full version here). Sadly with any holiday online scammers are looking to trick you into given details to get access to your hard-earned cash. The BBC has been warning people of this digital trend too with their recent post found here and with Google showing a huge uplift during this time of year it is a time of caution. We have pulled out three quick tips from this infographic for you to remember:

    1Browse encrypted if possible using Google SSL when looking for online deals
    2. Use caution with public WIFI to get that product cheaper and safer
    3. Don't just click something that looks to good to be true, it often is!