• A Look Back at 2011 - When Social Media Democracy Arrived

    We wanted to remind you of the amazing events that the world of digital supported last year. From The Arab Spring, to how Facebook supported the Egyptian Revolution social media was used for great actions in 2011. The Occupy Wall Street movement started too and now have been developing their social network called The Global Square.

    You may remember the Twitter Stories post we put out last year which talks about how Twitter is connected to the good of the world. Another brief post talked about a space themed Twitter Story around Mike Massimo, the first person to Tweet from space. These were intended to show that digital can be used for such good it can warm your heart.  But social media – like many tools out there – can also be used for bad as we saw in the London Riots with two men being jailed for attempting to use Facebook to create more riots and destruction.  But social good came back with the @Riotcleanup Twitter account starting, which now has over 63, 000 followers and was key in getting the public out to the streets to clean up the debris from the riots.

    So, the last post of 2011 was about Shopping Apps and the first of 2012 will be for Google’s Zeitgeist 2011 review. It will show how the news for how Osama Bin Laden’s death came to light; the Brazil floods; Steve Job’s sad death and the phenomenally uplifting moment of when a 29 year old could hear for the first time in her life. The video is very promotional with its heavy branding and not so subtle pushing of Google+. But it is still a good way to look back on how the use of digital supported a year that will be remembered as the year of social democracy. Who knows, could this change the way policies and governments stand (and fall) from now on?