• Mr Ronald McDonald – Twitter is More Than Just Another Big Mac

    As reported in The Independent, fast-food chain McDonalds has received a huge backlash in response to its ill-fated social media campaign on Twitter. This campaign called #McDstories did not get the desired response as the users decided to set about telling horror stories about the fast-food giant. A quick search shows that one Twitter user said, “Happy #McDStories is taking a beating. In the information age, that's what blatant #Greenwashing will get you” with another taking a more drug-fuelled Tweeting route, “Paid for my food but almost left cause I was high and convinced that the workers called the cops and were using my food as bait.”

    So, this week they launched #littlethings which seems to have engaged people in a more pleasant way. But, this is not a triumph as some are using the hashtag as a platform to bash the brand further. They launched this on Wednesday with one simple Tweet: “No line at the bank, a large tax refund, & those extra fries at the bottom of the bag. What are some #LittleThings that bring you joy?”   

    The responding Tweets for this hastag campaign seem more positive with one person happily Tweeting, “It's the #littlethings : the bus driver stopped and reopened the door to let on someone who was late. Made me smile. :)” and another (more ethereal) Tweet from @LauraFiske, “Yup my day has been made by the stranger who told me I am great at my job. #littlethings #nannydiaries.”

    Screen_shot_2011-04-04_at_1.02.08_PM.pngBut Not All Tweets Are Tasty
    It is not all good sentiment for #littlethings as some people have used the tag to attack McDonalds. They seem to focus on the quality of the food and the style of the campaign with @rcottle86 mocking the social media stragy, “Stupid hashtags that promote obesity #littlethings” with @half__ro using this hastage to mock the food and the campaign in one clever Tweet, “I'm sick of finding uidentifiable #littlethings in my burgers and fries.”

    This campaign is the lesser of two evils – in terms of sentiment – with the simple free tool Social Mention bringing the sentiment results in at a ratio of 10:1 for #littlethings at the time of posting. This means for every 10 good things that are said 1 of them is negative. Compare this to #McDStories which stands at 1:2 at time of posting, you can see they may have learned from the #McDStories error. But not learned much. They should have looked at some of the points (such as point 7 and 9) posted by Twitter Tools Book or take notes from this PPT from The Pulse. Also, they should use some simple search tips for Twitter to keep an eye on what is being said. [We have taken the image from Twitter but also use this link to see their advanced search tool]