• The Right to be Forgotten...Online

    UPDATE: Use this link to stream Tweets related to "The Right to be Forgotten" 
    UPDATE: Great take on "The Right to be Forgotten" in terms of implementation
    We all have so many online accounts it can get to a saturation point where you really have little control what is being read about you. You Tweet, post, blog and more but it is very hard to delete all of this if for some reason you wanted the right to be forgotten. This may change.

    An article in Business Insider states that a new EU law could provide all of us internet users the “right to be forgotten” by the major players such as Facebook and Google. BBC also reported on this new proposal and noted that the bill is designed to help young adults and teenagers who are said to be more naive about how their data is used and stored. Announced at the DLD Conference in Munich the bill suggests that companies are obliged to let authorities and users alike know of any data loss through hacking and other errors. A video posted by EUJustice is at the end of this post. It was uploaded 4 days ago and sadly the view counts are very low to find out much within the video statistics tab.

    What If Companies Don’t Follow the Rules?
    If, for some reason any company fails to comply with the proposed rules they could see a fine of up to 1% of their global revenues. As we know, Google and Facebook have often been in the press for issues related to privacy so – if the bill is approved by the EU Member States and the European Parliament – we may see some headline-grabbing fines. At this stage, the BBC suggests that due to political administrative processes the bill could take up to two years to pass. Until then, use our post on Social media inebriated messaging to keep your profile’s clean! > Google Privacy and Data Usage Issues > Facebook Privacy Issues From the Last Six Years