• A Breaking Moment in the History of Cell Phones

    The first known camera phone image to be publicly-shared was taken by Philippe Kahn back in 1997. The picture was of a maternity ward where is daughter was born. This was done by Mr Kahn integrating a mini camera into his Motorola cell phone. And that was just the start!

    In 2004 the Indian Ocean earthquake was the major news event in which most of the images and video taken were provided by citizens using camera phones. Since this moment the social impact of this combination of gadgets has led so convictions, social movements and more. Most notably, last year, the year of social democracy was the year that many people used this type of technology to show the world of the political straggle during the Syria uprising. And it doesn’t end there!

    “Holymoly. I can just see the look on people's faces when you talk about your phone. "HOW many megapixels??" 

    Nokia, after launching the Nokia N8 as the world’s most powerful camera phone have now taken Moore’s Law and thrown it out the window. As of today Nokia have launched a stunning 41 megapixel camera! Words will not do this moment justice, so see some of the amazing test images taken by this device known as the Nokia Pure View 808. We wonder what Philippe Kahn thinks about this? See more about the phone here and more images here.