• Want to Get Your News Social? Know Your News Sites

    Newswhip has compiled a report that shows what the most viral sources for news on Twitter and Facebook are. This was conducted by reviewing Twitter and Facebook mentions of over more than a hundred, a hundred Twitter mentions and a hundred Likes. The study, carried out through January 2012 showed that the BBC was the most popular source on Twitter, then The Guardian, third was Mashable with the Huffington Post and TechCrunch taken fourth and fifth respectively. But things change on Facebook with The Huffington Post having 2267 stories all receiving more than one Likes. “This was more than ABC, Fox News, MSNBC and The Washington Post combined.”

    The top three news sites on Facebook are UK based. This is probably a myriad of reasons that range from the distrust of News International to the trust of the BBC. A poll that was conducted today showed that the most trusted source for news is the BBC followed by Sky News. The BBC had a new redesign which introduced a side bar of the most popular news by media types, Shared, Read and Audio/Video. The bar has simple social plug-ins that allows their content to be seeded by the readers of both Twitter and Facebook. So, it is all about getting the PR right from the start. This means that the simple PR should change and should be more than just a one way media. It can now, through digital be used as a tool to engage with social - and not just the news community - in a two-way dynamic. The user too has wanted news more and more online and from 2006 has seen a steady growth in people wanting to get their news from the WWW rather than traditional ways.