• The Wonder of Mothers Online and What They Love to Do There

    UPDATE: Mothers Online, How to Keep Your Child Safe in the WWW
    UPDATE: Mothers Online, Time Magazine Causes Anger With Breastfeeding Cover
    In honour of Mothers Day in the US and those mothers no longer with us we make our return. We had been on a 2 month hiatus and we are inspired by Mother’s Day to kick things off again. Thanks for all the emails supporting as we expanded the team and now have more talented people connected to James-Kinloch.com. To get you reading we thought we would start with this little bit of information about 21st century mothers...A report by MSNBC states that 12% of young mothers use their phone during sex. With 81% of this group saying they use smartphones for shopping! One person responded to to this report by saying, Wouldn't happen if men were better lovers. Since women just get to lie there, might as well answer the phone” with another supporting the guys saying, “She would do that only once. The next time I would rest my beer can on her head while she........ well you know.”

    Time Online a Decade Ago – No Apps, No Social Media Like We Know Today
    In 2002 mothers online would be spending just under 1 hour online every day which is a small amount of time. At this stage the whole app store phenomena had not started and the catalyst for this movement – the iPhone did not even exist at this stage.

    Time Online Now – Social Media, a Driving Force to Change
    According to Edison Research, the “Connected Mum” really kicked off in recent times.  In 2012 mums now spend just under 3 hours a day online. Now, from 2,020 persons were interviewed for this study 72% of mums are on Facebook. This is initial figures and it is suggested that this figure will only set to rise further      

    Mothers Online, What is the Most Essential Media Format?
    When asked what the most essential media format is for mums, 58% of respondents said that the internet is the leading media. This 50% prefer this to TV, radio and newspapers.

    How often Do Mothers Do It?
    The smartphone is the Trojan horse that mothers use to access the internet. More than 3/5 have a smartphone and 46% are using social media websites several times a day.